Jesus meets our every need

It is school time once again. Children are heading off to begin another year of learning. They are taking backpacks filled with new items: notebooks, pens, pencils, calculators. Their teachers sent to parents a list of items their children would need for school. Sadly, some families are not financially able to purchase all the items needed. Imagine the heartache—knowing what your child needs but being unable to provide it!

Thankfully, our Jesus is never in that position. Jesus is able to meet our every need. The Gospel of Matthew gives us an example of Jesus’ ability to meet the needs of people. Jesus had been preaching on a hillside to a great crowd of people—more than five thousand. It was late in the day and the crowd had nothing to eat. So, Jesus took five loaves of bread and two fish and miraculously multiplied them to feed the entire crowd. There were even twelve baskets of food left over after everyone had eaten—more food than there was to begin with!

Many of God’s people are facing challenging times as we deal with a difficult economy. It is tempting to give up hope, to doubt whether Jesus is powerful enough to provide what is needed, or worse, whether Jesus loves us enough to provide what is needed.

However, when Jesus fed the five thousand on a hill in Galilee, he proved that he is powerful enough to provide everything we need. And when Jesus allowed himself to be nailed to a cross on a hill called Calvary, he proved that he is loving enough to provide everything we need. It was there on the cross that he provided payment for our sins and purchased our eternal life.

The next time you doubt Jesus’ power and love, turn the eyes of your soul toward these two hills and know that Jesus meets our every need.


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