Rolling Stone

This Sunday we conclude our series on the Sounds of the Passion. We hear the Sound of the Rolling Stone. Here’s a tip, it has nothing to do with the 70 year-olds who are coming to Summerfest in a few months.

As a father, I have heard the piercing sound of the siren announcing a tornado in the area. It meant hiding in the basement with my family until the storm had blown over.

As a pastor, I have heard the silence in the hospital room as a dear friend and member had breathed her last. It meant something unexpected and inconceivable had just happened.

As a friend, I have heard the sound of taps being played at a soldier’s committal service. It meant one more time that I couldn’t hold back the tears after hearing that haunting melody.

On Friday afternoon, creation heard the worst sound imaginable – the sound of death as the stone was rolled over the tomb containing Jesus’ corpse. But the greater sound was still to come! It was the once again the sound of the rolling stone … but this time in reverse! On Sunday, the angel was rolling the stone away to reveal to all humanity that the Lord of life was once again alive! Hear the sound of the Rolling Stone this Easter Sunday! Worship is at 8:00 and 10:30 am. You are invited to bring a breakfast dish to share for the Easter Breakfast in the church basement beginning at 9:15 am.


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