God's voice in worship

At no other time or place in our week is the voice of God heard so clearly and forcefully as when we are gathered together in worship. We hear God’s voice in His Word and Sacraments. This is no ordinary voice that we might hear on the phone or in everyday speech. This is the voice of the One who called planets into existence and raised the dead from their graves. We want to prepare ourselves for hearing this voice. That is why we encourage you to make use of the Worship Helps Bible study that is prepared for you every week.

The Scripture readings we used in worship are organized in a three year cycle of readings called the Lectionary. The Lectionary has been used in varying forms for centuries. The Old Testament and Epistle readings are organized around the Gospel lessons. Please use the weekly Worship Helps Bible studies as they make you ready to hear the voice of God speaking to you personally and directly in worship. 


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