Counterfeit Christianity - mysticism

We continue this week with our sermon and Bible class series on Counterfeit Christianity. We examine the false teaching of mysticism.

Mysticism at its root – is paganism. It is not satisfied with a God who has already laid everything out for us in His Word. It doesn’t want a God that we can trust. It wants a God that we can manipulate, and contact, and control, and kind of barter and bargain with. It doesn’t want a God that says, “This is the way it is, believe it.” It wants a God that gives you the authority to find and divine the way that your world acts and connects with you.

All of us – even as Christians – desire to be mystics. We want to be like Jonah, hearing God’s voice speaking to us clearly. Or like Moses, who got to see God on the mountain. Or like Paul who knew God’s will.

But that’s not the way God works today. He speaks to us in His Word. He comes to us in the waters of Baptism. He enters our mouths in the Lord’s Supper. We hear His voice in the words of absolution and the benediction. We learn about His will for our lives in the liturgy – the confession of sins, the Glory be to the Father, the Creeds, the Holy, Holy, Holy, and the Agnus Dei. It is God’s Word and His Sacraments that counteract our counterfeit Christianity. Learn more this Sunday, so that you might receive the antidote for the poisoned dish of mysticism. 


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