Training Camp - Venom

Spider-Man found a way to be bigger and stronger. He got a new outfit! But this wasn’t just some new clothes. His new costume was made of an alien – and the alien was alive! The more Spider-Man wore his new suit, the angrier he got.
Spider-Man had to go through a real struggle. What was better: being stronger, or controlling his anger? In the end, he decided it was better to be weaker and gave up that terrible alien suit.

But that suit went out and found someone new to wear it. And that new villain was called Venom. The alien suit wanted to rebond with Spider-Man. It offered all the strength that Spider-Man used to have… all he had to do was give in to his anger.

Do you ever want to be stronger? It’s not a bad thing to be stronger! But sometimes we need to consider what real strength is. Sometimes when we get angry, we fell stronger. Other people listen to us way more. Sometimes we feel stronger when we’re mean. After all, people obey us and we get to have our way more.

There’s good ways and there’s bad ways to be stronger.

The Bible tells us the best way to be strong, and it has nothing to do with finding an alien suit. Ephesians 6:10 says, “Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.” God wants you to be strong – but not strong by being mean or being angry. He wants you to be strong… in him. He wants you to be strong in your connection to him. You do that by listening to his Word. That makes you strong!

The problem is that all those other ways that you can be strong? They hurt you in the long run. Venom wasn’t just making Spider-Man angrier. It was actually slowly killing him. It’s the same way with any other kind of strength. It might look good… and sure, it’ll make you stronger for a while… but in the long run, it’s going to destroy you. And even after God opens up your eyes and you realize you should get away… it’ll tempt you, just like Venom tempted Spider-Man.

Instead of giving in, be strong in the Lord! Remember that God is stronger than any other strength, and when you’re strong in him, he backs you up!

It’s not a sin to want to be stronger. But find your strength in the best place – in God!

Discussion Questions:
1.       Do you want to be stronger? What are some good ways to make your body stronger? What’s the only way to make your soul stronger?
2.       What are some sinful ways to be strong you’ve been tempted to try?

3.       If Venom tempted you with strength at a cost, how do you think you’d react? How does God help you stand against temptation? 


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