Happy Reformation Day

“This righteousness from God comes through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe.” Romans 3:22

There are holidays that people celebrate without knowing what their celebrating. Christmas, is a good example. Christmas is about God coming to His people as our Savior Christ the Lord. This is great news, as the angel said, “I bring you good news of great joy for all people!” Even so, many rob themselves of this great joy, for a lesser feeling of vague warm fuzzies, warm fuzzies that dissolve at their first contact with the real world.

Easter is another example. Easter is about God’s triumph over death, a triumph that is for you and I, and for everyone who puts their hope in Jesus Christ. Yet, for some, it’s all about the chocolate. Hey, chocolate great, but it’s chump change compared to Forever.

There are other holidays however, which retain their meaning. These special days have a small but happy following. Their meanings have kept the power and spark. They call their celebrants up to greater joys, deep, long lasting joys that can’t be stolen.

Good Friday’s one. It’s hard to go to a Good Friday service for the wrong reason. Can’t imagine what the Good Friday equivalent of Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny would be. People who understand Good Friday understand that their struggles in life are neither alone or in vain. When they suffer, God suffers with them, and redeems their suffering into glory, and strength. They know: when trouble is close, God is closer.

Then there’s Reformation Sunday. No one has ever told me how many shopping days there were until Reformation Sunday. No fuzzy animal nails notes to the door.

However, those who know, are happy.

On Christmas, at Good Friday, at Easter we remember Jesus. On Reformation Sunday we remember that He’s ours, for free, for ever. Ours is the Peace, ours is the Mercy, ours is the Presence, ours is the Help in Every Trouble, ours is the Joy, ours is the Righteousness than comes from God.

It is human nature to spoil things by adding the word “but”. “Yes, that’s a good thing, but it’s not for me.” “That would be wonderful, but I’ll never see it.” “If only this would happen, but I don’t deserve it.”

Reformation Sunday takes this spoiler away. Our hearts desire, not only exists, not only is it real, it is ours. Ours through faith in Jesus Christ, given free, undeserved, from God Himself. No, your sins don’t stop it. No, it’s not a secret. No one can take it from you. Nail it to the door of your heart. “God is my Savior. He loves me for free. He forgives all my sins. He’s with me every day. Come in, come in, I love to tell the story.”

Happy Reformation Day.


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