Don’t forget to invite Jesus

Wedding sermon for Carl Ruben Tews and Connie Joe Tews
John 2:2 … and Jesus and his disciples had also been invited to the wedding.
The state of marriage is a mess in our nation. Divorce to end a marriage. Living together to pretend there is a marriage. Changing the definition of marriage. Our children are growing up within a culture that calls God wrong and sin right.
Argggghhhh! What’s going on? Where did we go wrong? Is there any hope for us – as a society, as couples, as individuals?
There is, if we are willing to look for help in the right place. There is, if we do what an unnamed couple in Cana did so long ago. They invited Jesus to their wedding.
Why did they do this? It seems that Jesus had been a part of their life as family or friend prior to the big event. Did they know everything about who Jesus was or what He had come to do? Probably not. But they invited Him to their wedding. After He revealed Himself as more than just another guest by changing water into wine, they had good reason to invite Him into their married life.
Carl and Connie, without a doubt, you know you Jesus is! You know Him as true God and true man who entered our world to be our Savior from sin. You know Him as the One who directed your lives to find each other years ago. You also know it was Jesus who brought you together again – perhaps through extreme measures of getting your attention with an appendix and then a liver.
He speaks to us through His Word as the One who loves us and seeks only what is best for us and our relationships. He is able to heal the body. He can restore the soul. He offers His forgiveness so that you might forgive old wounds. He guides you in paths of righteousness like nobody else can or will.
Do you recognize your sins in your past marriage? Do you see where you allowed Satan to get a foothold? Do you understand what went wrong to create a wedge between the two of you?
Take those sins to Jesus who lived and died and rose again to erase your sins in the eyes of His Father. God forgives you through His Son. Now Jesus allows you to forgive each other through Him.
Jesus is One who can repair what once was broken. He can bind together those who once were separated. He can make new and fresh what had become stale and tasteless. He can create a miracle where there once was nothing.  

Carl and Connie, Jesus stands by ready to help! You have invited Him to your wedding. Make sure you invite Him into your marriage! Amen. 


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