Lent - A Time for Spirituality devotionals

Lent — A time for Spirituality
For from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace. John 1:16

Lent is a season of repentance. This means the hearing of the Law and our sin. It also means an emphasis on denying the flesh, which some people exercise during Lent by “giving things up”. This Lenten devotion will be focusing on spirituality. It is a pretty popular Word nowadays, but it largely has to do with a regimen of works and often is very self-centered. The spirituality you will hear about in this devotion will be about receptive spirituality, that is a spirituality that is founded upon what we receive from God first and foremost.

We are going to read about how the Mystery of Christ is the beginning of our Spirituality. We receive from Him everything we have, most especially our spiritual life. We are going to read about what He uses to make us spiritual people — three things — meditation, prayer, and temptation (struggle).

First Christ makes us spiritual through meditation. This is not some sort of eastern mystical or western philosophical exercise. Meditation is chewing on the Word of God, over and over. It is letting the Word of God dwell in you richly, for that Word of God is the root of all Christian Spirituality. So, Meditation is the hearing, repeating, reading, listening, and study of the Word of God. God the Holy Spirit uses this Word to make us spiritual.

We also become spiritual through prayer. This is not the self-help prayers that so much of our culture tries to embrace. It is prayer rooted in the fruit of Meditation, the Word of God. It is prayer that is to the Father through the Son by the power of the Holy Spirit. It is a constant failure to do it
properly and looking to Christ for forgiveness and renewal in our spiritual lives. It is the voice of faith.

Lastly, God uses a struggle to make us spiritual. Face it, in mystic meditation and spirituality there is just no “reality” to it. It’s pie in the sky stuff. Christian spirituality takes Meditation and Prayer and places it into real life in a fallen world. There is going to be struggle with the world around you, and even more there will be deep struggle within you. It is this struggle which draws you closer to Christ, Who is your only strength and victory.

This Lent promises to show you how Christian Spirituality actually looks. It is a spirituality that is receptive, receiving from Christ. It is a Spirituality that is never divorced from Jesus or His Word. It is a Spirituality which fits into the reality that we live in, not one that requires us to live in an imaginary world around us believing lies about ourselves and who we are.

Come and be a part of the worship services. They are every Wednesday at 6:30 pm, beginning on March 1 with Ash Wednesday. Lenten suppers are at 5:30 pm. We will once again be switching pulpits with the pastors of Epiphany, First Evan, and Trinity. You are also invited to make use of the devotion booklet by following the link. For we have received grace upon grace.

In Christ,
Pastor Zarling


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