It won't work without you

The car was put back together before he realized one of the disassembled parts was still sitting on the workbench.  It would take hours of taking things apart to put it back in its place and more hours to have it back in working shape.  It just wouldn't work without all the pieces in place.

Jesus needed to go somewhere else.  All the pieces were not in place yet.  Jesus needed to preach.  More people needed to hear the Good News.  "That is why I have come."  It is no accident that you are a part of the Kingdom of God.  Jesus was looking for you.  Jesus wanted you.  Jesus found you.

Much of our time can be spent trying to reach our place in this world.  It seems we need what the rest of the world wants.  We want a new body shape.  We want a new job.  We want a family that is intact.  We want financial stability.  We want to be better at something.  We need to be careful that we don't overlook what we already have.  

The Savior who was searching for us found us.  He provided what he came to give.  He has assured us that his love is enough and that we are vital pieces that he has put in place in his Church.  That is what he wants to tell us.  That is why he came.  Jesus cares so much for you that he has declared that it just wouldn't work without you.


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