Moses on the mountain

As a child I can still remember feeling bad for Moses.  After all that work and all those years and all those people he wouldn't get to enter that land of Canaan.  It didn't seem right.  One angry moment - and who wouldn't have been angry with those people - and Moses is sentenced to die before finishing his quest.  All he got was a glimpse of that land from the mountain, and then he was buried on one.

What a short sighted view of Moses' story that was!  I don't think Moses shared my disappointment. Moses got more than he could have ever imagined at that moment.  His struggles of leadership, sin, sickness and pain were over.  He entered his everlasting rest to be with his Father forever.  There he is on the Transfiguration mountain standing with Jesus and Elijah talking as friends with his Lord.

The Devil loves to make the achievements of this world seem like everything.  In comparison to what awaits they are nothing.  As Jesus comes down the mountain he is preparing for what is necessary to make sure that this world is not your home.  His death in your place assures you your place and his resurrection shows you the way you will get there.  The glory that Moses and Elijah get to enjoy every day will be yours one day as well.  The Transfiguration mountain was good and Peter knew it.  He still couldn't imagine it then, but he knows now that it gets even better. 


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