Secret Baptism

This week we are studying the topic of "Secret Baptism" in our Sunday morning Bible study. One of the questions in the study asks: List some potential, unintended consequences that could come up down the road if grandparents were to baptize a grandchild against the parents’ will and without their knowledge.

Whenever this topic comes up, I am reminded of this scene in "All in theFamily." 

I am creating a series of Sunday morning Bible studies based on questions that have been asked of me recently. So far, the topics we will be covering are:
Nov 13 - Secret baptism: A grandparent’s right … or wrong?
Nov 20 – How do I keep my child Christian while in college?
Nov 27 – How do I talk to my child about dating?
Dec 4 – Close communion – Are we closing the door on reaching the lost?
Dec 11 – How do I talk to my children about Santa Claus?

If you would like me to create a Bible study based on your questions, please feel free to contact me via email, text, phone call or in person. I will be happy to teach everyone what God has to say on the subject.


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